MEMORIES..........My childhood memories center around
fishing the stream with my grandparents, listening to the
tall tales and “Believe it or nots” of my Granddad, rock
climbing and hiking with my brothers & cousins, and fresh
(pan-fried) trout dinners with the family. My summer
vacations with my grandparents in these mountains
brought life’s best lessons.  When I married my college
sweetheart-Cathy, to my delight, she also fell in love with
these mountains and began to long for the serenity,
beauty, and peaceful environment they offer.  After my
Mother’s passing, the family cabin stayed with our third
generation, but my wife and I longed to begin our own
legacy of mountain life in Raymond. Having walked this
road and fished this stream for most of my life, we began
to search for our own mountain home in Raymond.
DREAMS COME TRUE......“River Run” met all of our criteria: acreage,
spectacular views, southern exposure/passive solar, rock outcroppings, and
comfortable amenities.   Yet something more important emerged as we
stepped through the front door for the first time as owners.  It was as if we
stepped into another time and place where simplicity and quietness and a
slower pace is the way of life.  My years had come full circle as I connected
to the memories of exploring this wilderness with my family.  Here, all of the
senses come to life and we see and hear things we’d long forgotten or
simply ignored in the noise of life.  Things that matter most….The greatness
of God, memories of family love and nurturing, spiritual  insight, respect for
the beauty and purity of nature, and release of all things that keep us from
being all we're created  to be, rise to their places of priority and bring clarity
to our lives.  In this grandeur and quietness, we gain the ability to see
ourselves more clearly and the openness to listen and hear from our
Creator.  Fresh perspective…..More understanding.  At one time or another,
we all need it, and maybe you’ll also find it here at River Run Mountain
That is our prayer……Bruce & Cathy
Guests may fish the local stream from the
publicly owned land along the road, but
please respect "no trespassing" signs
posted on privately owned land. A fishing
license is required for fishing in Colorado
lakes and streams.  Click the link below for
more information on how to obtain a
license. Other great fishing spots include
Lake Estes, the North St. Vrain River,
Brainard Lake, and areas in the Big
Thompson Canyon!
Your hosts - Cathy & Bruce
Our "River Run"
Mountain Retreat Story

IN THE BEGINNING.................Having discovered Raymond and
the Middle St. Vrain River during the 1940’s, my grandparents
had a dream of owning a little summer cabin in this canyon.  
They loved to fish the mountain streams, hike the mountain trails
and pick the chokecherries famous for the best chokecherry
jelly.  My granddad owned a Champlain oil business in Kansas,
but they traveled as often as possible to this area of the
Rockies. Every time a customer paid for gas/oil with a silver
dollar, Granddad gave them to Grandmom for saving in the
cookie jar. She eventually saved enough to purchase a little red
cabin along Riverside Dr. in Raymond. They enjoyed their
summer vacations at the cabin in Raymond which became a
family tradition as the second-generation families expanded.  
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